If you are an American with a connection to Latvia, a Latvian living in America, RBS Student or Alumni, a student of the International School of Latvia, the International School of Riga, an alumnus of BAFF, EdUSA, FLEX, Fulbright, TEA, Benjamin Family Scholarship, Ainas Galejas Fonds programs, etc. We invite you to submit questions by August 23, 2021. If you wish, you may submit multiple questions.

To focus the competition and to encourage the participants to explore the topics before and after the live events (e.g., encourage learning, not guessing) the questions will be developed around  specific themes. Within the themes, the questions will have to demonstrate some connection between the U.S. and Latvia.

The following themes have been identified:

The theme will cover the key events, people, or places that have facilitated U.S. – Latvia relationships through educational and cultural exchange.

The theme will focus on innovation and technological development facilitated through input from both the U.S. and Latvia.

The theme will focus on the heritage and accomplishments of individuals facilitating understanding and knowledge exchange between the societies of the U.S. and Latvia e.g., in business or sports.

The theme will cover key events, people, or places that have shaped the U.S. – Latvia relationships during the last 100 years.

The theme will cover a wide range of contemporary questions produced by the U.S. Community and alumni of U.S. Government supported cultural and educational programs.

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